Start 2013 on the Right Financial Foot with Manilla’s “Get It Together Challenge”

Manilla $2,500 Keeping my bills, spending, and rewards accounts up to date feels like an uphill battle sometimes. Especially when holiday shopping rolls around every year. Yikes! Now that the new year is here, it is time to get on track with financial planning.

One key to saving money is to always pay bills on time. Who wants to rack up late fees and finance charges? So I’ve turned to a free online site that keeps me organized and on top of the bills. saves me both money and time (and my credit rating).

Manilla offers an automated, organized view of all account information, text and/or email reminders to pay bills, and unlimited storage of account documents.

For skeptics, now might be the right opportunity to give it a try. That’s because Manilla wants to kick off 2013 with the “Get It Together Challenge” and entry to win the “I Got It Together” $2,500 Grand Prize and other prizes.


How to enter:

  • Sign up for FREE, link 3 accounts. That means automatic entry.
  • Click here to get started.
  • Already have a Manilla account? Just link three accounts and visit the “Win $2,500 Challenge” tab on Manilla’s Facebook page.

To sign up for a free Manilla account:

  • Click here to get started.
  • Enter basic information, username and password, and security questions in the designated boxes. Press the blue “Sign Up” button.
  • Sync bank accounts using login and password information. Rest assured that sensitive information is safe because Manilla uses TRUSTe site validation services and the same security systems as major banks.


  • Account statements from financial institutions linked to a Manilla account are automatically imported to the accounts tab section of your dashboard. Keep these imported online statements for as long as you want.
  • Manilla allows custom SMS alerts as bill payment reminders. Choose alerts for one, three, or seven days before a bill is due; when a bill becomes past due; or when there’s an account issue. Also set up e-mail alerts in the same manner.
  • Include all financial dealings and subscriptions, like Groupon purchases (and expiration dates), Netflix subscriptions, and trial subscription cancellation reminders.
  • Mobile phone applications are available for Android and iPhone.

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