Where to get coupons

If you are new to couponing or have been doing it your whole life, I think everyone can use a little help finding coupons. Here is a list I have started of places that I know where coupons are available. I hope this helps! 🙂


Sunday Newspaper

-Types of coupon inserts in the paper – Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G, and General Mills

– Watch the coupon expiration dates! Not all coupons in a insert expire on the same day, Also watch P&G as they usually only last about a month!

-Purchase a Sunday paper subscription (you can have more than 1 delivered to your home)

-Both at home subscriptions and the ones from the news stand are the same

– Remember when buying your paper in stores that not all of them are the same price. Check around, sometimes Dollar Tree has them cheaper!

-Before you ever buy a paper check to make sure all the inserts are included. There is nothing more frustrating then spending your hard earned money and realizing that they are missing!

-Buy the Bigger city’s newspapers. The bigger the city, usually the bigger the insert. My local paper carries 1/8 of the coupons that the big cities offer!

-If you buy multiple papers remember to recycle them!! Pleasssseee 🙂

-Ask your newspaper man or grocery stores what they do with there leftover papers. They may be willing to give them to you!

-Try checking with your local paper. They may be willing to give them to you.

-Super Important!! Make sure you keep every coupon! You never know when a good deal is going to crop up.


Printable Coupon


When Printing a coupon, always try to use your browsers back button to see if you can get multiple prints. Most coupons will print twice. Also if you have a problem printing with your browser try another. I have a horrible time printing on my computer with google chrome but internet explorer works just fine!


Most of these sites change their coupons monthly, so make sure you print them before the month is over. Alot of them have a certain amount they will print out before the coupon disappears. So if you see something you might use you better print it before they are all gone.





Box Tops For Education

Betty Crocker



All you



-Make sure you visit websites of your favorite brands. They often have coupons available on their websites! Also check out their Facebook pages. Often you will find printable coupons or Freebies!


Catalina Coupons


-these are coupons that print out at the register

-If a store has a catalina machine make sure that you get your coupons. There are a few things that can mess this up….

1) the machine is not working (insist on being re-rung up at another                register!)

2) You have picked up the wrong merchandise (do not be afraid to tell             them this is not what I wanted, do a return, and find the correct                   items!

3) Sometimes they just forget to give them to you. Make sure that you            ask for them. Sometimes they are busy and just forget!




-Peelies are coupons located on the front of products at the store.

-Peelies are from the manufacturer and can be used at any store.




-Blinkies are coupons that are located on the little machines in the store.   These are normally manufacturer coupons also and may be used at any store unless specifically stated on the coupon. Yes, go ahead and take a few of them if you want!! 🙂


Tearpads and booklets

-This is a coupon that is located on a tearpad or booklet that you find in the store.

-Make sure you look for every free booklet in the store. These sometimes contain coupons.

Inside the product itself

-Always check inside of products for a coupon!!



-Most magazines have coupons in them

-All you Magazine (sold only at Walmart or as a subscription) has loads of coupons!!


Local Stores

-Make sure you sign up for your stores mailing lists or clubs.

-Also check the weekly circular for bonus coupon

-Check at the service desk (my County Market has copies of the “Penny Pincher coupons and they hand them out freely!)


Text coupon or Mobile apps

click here to sign up for Target text coupons


-check other stores, these are becoming more popular and available


Junk Mail

-Oh the dreaded junk mail!! 🙂 Make sure you open everything before you pitch it!! Sometimes coupons pop up in the weirdest spots!!



-Sometimes you will find coupons printed in the newspaper. It is not usual but always keep your eye out! My local paper sometimes puts coupons for local businesses.

-Don’t forget to search threw the Parade and USA Today. I usually find one stuck in there!!


On the back of receipts

– Read that annoying print that you find on your receipts. Sometimes there are great offers and surveys! (Dollar General has a lot of these for their special spend $25 on a specific Saturday and receive $5 off!!


Pamphlets or samples found at the doctors office

-Think about it! What better way for a company to get the word out about a product than to give it to a doctor!! The doctor gives you the sample, the sample includes a coupon, and all of a sudden they have a very loyal customer! 🙂 Pretty good business thinking on that one!



-School or Church’s often sell those little cards that give you a discount when you shop at different businesses.


Phone Book

-My phone book contains page after page of coupons!! Some people don’t even know these are there!! 🙂


For a list of commonly used coupon Lingo click here







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