It’s Summer: Let’s invite the birds to our backyard!

Home Bazaar Swedish Cottage Birdhouse

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Not to long ago my hubbie and my daughter made me a birdhouse for my backyard. I couldn’t have been more excited! They had one on one time and I have a beautiful birdhouse out back. So I have decided it is my new project to make my yard a backyard bird paradise. Needless to say I was lost. I have one birdhouse, a pair of binoculars and a book on bird identification.  On the rest, I am pretty much lost. So I turned to the internet and happened across a site stocked full of information!!

Not only did I find information on the perfect bird house and the perfect bird feeder but they also offer the learning information that I need to know to get these birds into my yard! They have tons of information in their “learning center” including how to attract hummingbirds (they are one of my favorite) and  how to attract different kinds of birds including: Cardinals, Finches, Purple Martins and Orioles. Also in the “learning center” it teaches the importance of birdbaths, a bit about Bluebird nesting and a bit about butterfly gardens.  So instead of jumping all over the internet looking for bits and pieces of information I can just hit this site and learn everything right there!

They even go one step farther and offer online video’s. This works out great for me as I am more a visual learner. Sometimes I can read things and become very overwhelmed and then it gets to confusing and I loose interest. I can just hop over to their site when I have time and watch little video’s and learn a bit each day. Then when I decide what types of houses or birdbaths I want, I can just browse their sit and find it. I really am enjoying the video’s. They are short enough to watch in between taking care of my kids and they hold all the important information that I need. I am really looking forward to getting into watching birds and hope that my oldest will join me. I will have more to come soon on my backyard! Do any of you have a backyard full of birds?? Leave me a comment and let me know about yours and if you have any tips please leave them for us all to enjoy! 🙂


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  1. Sandra Beeman says

    Gorgeous!! I’m an avid birdwatcher myself! What joy there is in my life-long hobby. I wish the same for you.