My Christmas Forest Wreath has Arrived bringing The Heavenly Smell of Christmas to my Home + GIVEAWAY

christmas forest givewaway Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year!! I love love love everything about it! Spending time with family, planning, decorating, taking the kids to see all the beautiful lights, learning more about Jesus……the list  goes on and on. My absolute favorite thing of all is the smell of Christmas!!

This is the first year I had ever heard of Christmas Forest which is quite surprising since they have been making Christmas Wreaths since 1976  but I guess I have been hiding under a hole because their wreaths  are absolutely breathtaking. I’m getting ahead of myself here so let me backtrack and tell you my story. I picked out a beautiful Jazz-aTazz wreath to be hung on my front door. The pictures and description were beautiful although I rarely think  that the product I order is going to look as good as the picture online. For some reason I have bad luck like that but I crossed my fingers and waited for my beautiful wreath to arrive. I arrived home from our Thanksgiving trip with family to a box on my doorstep. My oldest daughter started yelling and letting me know my wreath had arrived. To make a long story short… I was exhausted from traveling and the thought of bringing all the luggage in from the car was overwhelming to me. I decided to take a minute and open up my wreath. I had been waiting for it and I needed a little pick me up! Soooooooo……….

IMG_5708 I opened the box and stood there in my exhausted state looking at the wreath packaged up in a bag and it looked…..well it looked amazing from what I could see the through the plastic bag. The hubbie wanted to know how it looked of course and I told him it looked pretty good from what I could see of it. He continued on dragging in the luggage. I couldn’t just leave it sitting on my table in a bag now could I?? So I opened the bag and lifted it out and the smell hit me!! I am here to tell you it was like Heaven in a bag…….. It smelled sooooo good! Like an evergreen forest right in my very own living room. My hubbie walked in and said “Holy cow! Is that from that wreath?” I IMG_5709 started laughing and told him this wreath is going right on my wall in the living room not on the front door as I first intended. I wan’t wasting that wonderful smell on my mailman. No offence to the mailman but I wanted to smell it myself!! LOL It has been up for four days now and I can smell it each and every time that I walk into the living room. I absolutely love it and plan on getting one every year for the rest of my life!!

If you would like to check out Christmas Forest you can check them out on facebook, twitter, google or pinterest. Check  out all their beautiful wreaths here. 
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  1. Sandra VanHoey says

    Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath I like but their ornaments are real nice as well

  2. I like the Cerulean Blue Wreath.

  3. Kim Henrichs says

    Love the Cerulean Blue Wreath!

  4. Jill Harper says

    The Regal Christmas Wreath.

  5. Melissa Agelson says

    I love the jingle bells wreath!

  6. michelle wilson says

    Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath is my favorite thing.

  7. Cerulean Blue Wreath

  8. Kelly Tupick says

    The Christmas Cross!! Love it!! This is what Christmas is all about.

  9. Jessica To says

    I like the Highlander Wreath.