Cleaning Your Home on a Budget

 cleaning on a budget

One step in the right direction towards cleaning your home on a budget is to stop using products that contain harsh chemicals to clean your home. The chemicals that are contained within these products, not only harm the environment, they also can have a harmful effect on your health as well. Many of the less toxic cleaners have been used for several years, long before advancements in manufacturing these household cleaners took place.

Home furnishings and fabrics have changed over the years. Therefore, some of the products that were used in homes of long ago do not give the same results. However, many common household products that are less toxic to you and the environment can be used in effectively cleaning your home.

Some of the products that will help you save money on expensive household cleaners and do a great job as well are- soap flakes, vinegar, borax, oil soap, washing soda, ammonia, and baking soda. These seven common household products will clean the dirt and grime off just about anything!

Baking soda for example can be used to clean faucets, sinks, and even drains. Many people often use commercial cleaning products that can do more harm than good. Some people use bleach in their drains, and although it may seem to work, bleach and its chemical compounds can wreck havoc on the environment as it is ends up back in our lakes, rivers, and streams.

Sinks, tubs, and other fine porcelain items can be cleaned with a paste made of baking soda and water. This useful product does not scratch the surface area of the item that is being cleaned. This means that you can effectively clean many areas in your home without damaging any porous surfaces when you use this product for cleaning.

Vinegar is another common household product that has many uses. It is far less toxic than household cleaners that contain phosphates, ammonia, and other harmful toxins. Vinegar can be used to clean coffee pots, windows, and even floors. When you want to clean these items with vinegar, choose white vinegar and add water to it for cleaning purposes. A solution of vinegar can also be mixed in a bucket of water and used to wash the floors. Vinegar works especially well on linoleum floors and other no wax floors to remove that yellow buildup.

Borax and washing soda can be used to wash clothes. They contain no phosphates and can get your clothes sparkling clean. If you are unsure of the effects of phosphates on our water table, if you should happen to be out on the water and see lots of froth floating around on the surface of the water, it is the phosphates that caused this to occur. Phosphates destroy the natural ph levels of our water and many of our water life as well.

Oil soap can be used to remove grime from wood furniture. This product can also be mixed into a bucket of water and used to wash dirt and grime off woodwork as well. Try some of these common household products to clean your home; you will be doing good for the environment, and your pocketbook as well!



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