Are you An Extreme Cheapskates?? #castingcall #extremecheapskates

Photo Credit Extreme Cheapskates

Photo Credit Extreme Cheapskates

Have you ever watched the show Extreme Cheapskates? Come on now, don’t lie!! You watch it all the time don’t you?? Guess what?! They are casting for Season 3 and have asked me to share the news with you. I know we have some frugal friends around here but do you qualify for an Extreme Cheapskates??

The show actually teaches me some great ways to save money but I also sit there in awe with my mouth hanging open for most of the show!!
I have used cloth diapers for my daughter in the past and my girls take baths together. We also make our own laundry soap and softener. I also use the mesh bags that my fruit comes in to scrub my pots and pans.
I don’t think I could ever dumpster dive for food or use cloth toilet paper. That is just going a little to far for me!! LOL

Do you think you are an Extreme Cheapskates?? Click here to find the info for their casting call. I would love to see one of my readers make it on the show!

They will need:

 send them an email at with:
– your name
– your age
– your location
– a few paragraphs about your lifestyle and how you save money

What are some of your favorite episodes??


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