How To Pack a Maternity Hospital Bag


How To Pack a Maternity Hospital Bag


So I was just reading a unrealistic article that was telling new Moms what to pack in their hospital bags. There’s not need to pack a suitcase, because you aren’t going to need a third of what you have brought. While it’s good to be prepared, over kill isn’t necessary. It’s best to keep it simple when you pack a maternity hospital bag!


For Momma


  1. Chapstick or lip gloss
  2. Hard Candy or Gum – this will help keep your mouth moist during labor. You can only eat so many ice chips!
  3. Charged Camera and/or Video Camera – may considering back up batteries…just incase. However, you can charge your digital and video camera while you are laboring.
  4. Pillow – bring a pillow from home or have a new one in your vehicle. This will help you relax…trust me! You can also use this as a boppy if nursing.
  5. Slippers or Flip Flops
  6. Big comfy pants – you’ll want to pack at least a pair or two if you are staying longer for a C-section.
  7. Granny Panties – most hospital provide you with mesh underwear, but, you may prefer your own.
  8. Beauty Essentials – Trial size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofa, etc. Anything that will make you feel “normal”. Plus, make up you can’t live without, afterall, you’ll want to look human for all those newborn photos!
  9. Nursing Tanks – one or two will do. You’ll want at least 4 or 5 total for home and for ease of nursing. I lived in my tanks for weeks!
  10. Chargers – Consider purchasing a extra cell charger and keeping in your hospital bag. You can pick these up on Amazon for under $2! In addition, if you will be taking the laptop, put the charger for the laptop in the laptop bag.
  11. Toilet Paper – just one roll will do. The thin hospital stuff will do, however, nice toilet paper is welcomed!
  12. Hair Ties, Clips, etc. – You may wanna get your hair pulled back and you’ll be thankful you packed these!
  13. Snacks – Having a few snacks on hand when your room is quiet is nice to catch up on some calories.
  14. Change for Vending Machine
  15. Nipple Cream – if you are breastfeeding start using Nipple Cream as soon as you give birth, you’ll thank me later!
  16. Fan and/or Music – A fan is nice especially if you are doing a natural childbirth as well as music to drown out the hospital chaos. However, check with your hospital to see if they will allow these items.


When you do your hospital tour (or simply call) find out what items they will provide. Most hospitals provide you with mesh underwear, big pads, cooling spray, tucks pads, spray bottle for cleaning your vaginal area after birth and a large drinking glass with a straw (I admit I used mine for months!). As well as clothes, blankets, diapers and wipes for baby. If your hospital does provide these things, leave them off your list!


For Baby


  1. Change of Clothes – don’t over do it here. Keep it simple. If taking hospital pictures do 1 outfit and another going home outfit.
  2. Boppy Pillow – If you have one bring it, if not you can use the pillow you bring or stack hospital pillows.
  3. Baby Book – in the instance you are going to keep a baby book consider packing in your bag for those footprints. Most hospitals will send you home with a card with them already on there.
  4. Pacifier – if you think you may need a paci, bring one. They don’t take up much space!


Now you’ll want your hubby to bring a extra empty bag from home…you’ll be able to take home whatever is left over. Remember, that whatever is left over the hospital is just going to throw it out. Please don’t feel guilty for taking these items…they are essentially yours!


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