Kitchen Cleanup: How To Restore Your Wood Cutting Boards With Coconut Oil

cutting board final The Holidays have finally come and gone and now is the time that I start cleaning and taking care of all my homemaking chores. Yes, Spring cleaning comes a little early around my house! I like to get everything clean up BEFORE the nice weather starts. I have been cooking a lot this week in the kitchen and noticed that my wood cutting boards are very dry and on the verge of cracking.

cutting board 2

Throw them out and get new you say?!! NO!!! Bringing these bad boys back to their natural beautiful selves is easy and cheap to do. Grab yourself some raw or cold pressed coconut oil to bring your boards back to life. Coconut oil can even be found out your discount box store these days and I would highly suggest you keep some on hand. Stay away from olive oil for your cutting boards as it can go rancid. ¬†Coconut oil has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties so you won’t have to be concerned with growing bacteria on your cutting boards like you would if you used vegetable oil or olive oil.

Start by putting your coconut oil into an ice cube tray (you can use it right out of the container if you are crunched on time), set the ice cube trays with coconut oil  into your freezer for about 20 minutes. Once frozen you can start rubbing the coconut oil onto the cutting boards in a circular motion. Rub just enough to coat the front, back and sides of the cutting board. Wipe with a clean dry cloth and let sit for a few hours to insure the oil has time to soak into the wood. You may repeat these steps every four week or whenever they start to look dry, drab and ugly again.

What other ways do you use coconut oil??


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