1000+ Elf On The Shelf Ideas

1000 elf on the shelf ideas The Elf on The Shelf is a super cute and fun way to celebrate the Christmas Season! Some kids find he is cute and fun and look forward to seeing their little elf posed in different ways every time they wake up! I have compiled 30 elf on the shelf ideas if you want to check them out here including your little elf could help drive your little ones to school.

Duck Dynasty Elf on The Shelf Stockpiling Moms + these awesome 33 other ideas!! 

Here are 260+ Elf on the Shelf ideas from CyncyShopper

Week 1 25 Elf on the Shelf ideas + Printable Calendar from Mom Endeavors

more Ideas from Week 2   Including Jedi  Training accademy from Mom Endeavors

Now while you are running around with your Elf on the Shelf trying to come up with new poses you will want to print off some of these awesome Elf on the Shelf Activity Cards with a twist! from Second Chance to Dream

Here are 50 cute Elf on the Shelf Ideas from I heart Naptime with tons of funny ones and a printable Elf on the Shelf Calendar

A Whole Month of Elf on the Shelf over at It’s overflowing

Now what is a Christmas without a mischievous elf?? Dazzle Designs has come up with a 100 ideas for a mischievous elf that you have got to check out!!

If your still lacking in the idea department Blossom Bunkhouse has put together a list of 101 Elf on the Shelf ideas to help you out!

Freebie Finding Mom has come up with 25 ideas and some of them are quite hilarious!!

If you head over to The Jenny Evolution she has over 50 ideas and photos including one that will get your child to take a bath and a great idea on how to get your child to drink their milk!

The Happiest Mom on the Blog has some very busy elves over on her site and has over 110 Elf on the Shelf ideas that you can check out!

Maybe you would rather watch a slide show on you tube. Here is a wonderful video of over 100 different ways to display your little elf!

If a printable list to go by is more of your thing you will want to check out The Repo Woman who has a whole downloadable list of 100 ideas for you! 

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